POWER, Linux, and IBM Software Demonstrations

DEMOcentralI’ve spent a little time recently looking through IBM’s DEMOcentral, a repository that collects and displays demonstrations of both software and hardware products, and found several of interest. These pre-recorded and sometimes interactive demos play in a browser window, are available in several languages, and range from high-level overviews to tutorials covering installation or specific features; if you’re interested in IBM systems, WebSphere, Tivoli, or any other IBM software technologies, it’s well worth your time to browse through the collection. Here’s a quick tour of what I found to be interesting.

Hardware Flyovers

Hardware “flyovers” are interactive demos that show IBM systems, inside and out, with annotations that pop up when you mouse over the various components. For example:

  • The JS21 flyover shows the blade from the front and back, as well as inside the cover.
  • The System p 570 flyover shows the system from the front (with or without the cover) and the back, and allows you to zoom i to view the detail of the processor books (other flyovers allow that as well, like the p5 550Q flyover). It also shows how to interconnect multiple systems to make an 8-, 12-, or 16-core system (select the “upgrade” graphic to see the interconnections).
  • For the big iron junkies, there are even System p5 590/595 and System z9 flyovers.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found any flyovers of POWER6 systems yet; I assume it’s just a matter of time.

Recorded Software Demos

There are a number of recorded demos that are of interest to users of IBM systems, describing things like the BladeCenter Management Module, IBM Director, PowerExecutive, and IBM Virtualization Manager. There are many more; look at the complete list of systems demos to see if any others interest you.

Besides the systems demos, there are also demos of many IBM software products. For example, here is a demo detailing how to install DB2 Express on Linux. In addition to DB2/Information Management, there’s a several demo collections that cover topics like Workplace, SOA, WebSphere Portal, Rational and other software development tools, the OmniFind Yahoo! Edition, even Lotus Notes and Sametime.



  1. Hey Mike, The p 570 flyover is, in fact, for a POWER6 system. 🙂 If you “remove the cover” then “look inside” the processor card, you’ll see a picture of a POWER6 module.

    Note the model is a “p 570” not a “p5 570.” 😉

  2. I didn’t look all the way down to the processor card on that model; thanks for pointing that out! I was hoping to see a JS22 flyover, and didn’t see anything that immediately jumped out as a POWER6 model; clearly I was mistaken.

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