Where has Mike been?

I’ve been here all along!  Obviously, it’s been many moons since I’ve posted; I intend to remedy that post-haste.  I don’t work regularly on RAS anymore, so I had been feeling that my well of ideas for posts had been drying up.  But I’ve been involved with a number of new projects, and new projects should mean that there are new things to post about.

I don’t think I’ve written Java code since Swing and Ant were considered the new hotness.  I’m now finishing up a Java-based GUI that leverages SWT, and realized that there were a few challenges that I had to pound through the old-fashioned way because, even with the very useful SWT snippets and Javadocs, there was little advice to be found online.  So that’s where I’ll start back up:  over the next few weeks, I will be posting articles that discuss these challenges and how I solved them.


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