Why Zombie Process?

Why the name Zombie Process?  That’s a question I get every now and then.  It’s because these posts are usually written at the onset of that gloaming, the twilight when the day’s work is done, and yet I’m still in The Company’s demesne.  It is then, when the caffeine high is eclipsing along with the day’s light and the clamor of production, when e-mail replicates and I curse that a 9:00 meeting the following morning will bring me back to consciousness before my circadian rhythm dictates that it is appropriate, it is then that I muse and conjecture.

At that threshold, you see, as far as The Company is concerned, I’ve become an inactive process.  But I’m still there, consuming System resources (break room delectables and whatnot), nonproductive, just waiting to be reclaimed by the deepening streets of Austin.

Metaphors are fun.


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